February 26, 2013


My boyfriend improvised a cake with strawberries and white chocolate yesterday. It was so yummy I baked the same cake today, but with blueberries this time. Aw so good.

February 24, 2013


 Last night I did a fishtail braid at the last minute before running to catch the bus.


I finally decided to order a White 3D Rose Sweater from eBay - can't wait for it to come!!!


Yesterday we went out to a restaurant in Lund to celebrate my friend Linda who turned 21 a few days ago. The food was delicious (and expensive!) and the company was sweet. I had my lovely boyfriend with me so I was more than happy. Look at that cheesecake, it looks all prettyyy.

February 22, 2013


Finaaaaallly I got my new mascara from NYX in the mail. The shipping was actually really fast but I was so anxious to try it. All my mascaras are dried out so I decided to try a new one. I ordered the NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Extremely Black - Long Lash.
I lo-lo-lo-love it. It was actually great, I wasn't sure I was going to like the brush because I already liked the brush of my Maybelline mascara so much. But the shape of the brush makes it really easy to reach the roots of the lashes. I would definitely repurchase this mascara.
Oh, and I ordered this from Ebay for $11 (ca 74 kr) so it was actually pretty cheap if you compare the price of the mascaras in Swedish stores. Phew.

February 21, 2013


A pretty bouquet of flowers my sister threw together, it's been on the table for a few days now so the tulips don't look as good as they did. I spent the whole day studying and writing on my essay that was due yesterday - and I was happy about the final result. I'll have to wait a few weeks before we get our results but I'm hopeful.

February 19, 2013

February 16, 2013


The NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Caviar & Bubbles. Does anyone have this palette?

February 15, 2013


Walking through the streets of Malmo with my boyfriend and my sister. It was snowing and lights were glowing. We ate at Pizza Hut since we were hungry as *beep*. Cheese Feast in my heart, is all I can really say about that. A lovely evening, a very cold lovely evening.

February 13, 2013


This is my favorite pizza - artichoke, walnuts, pecorino, tomato sauce and on top of it all some olive oil. Just to tease all of you hungry readers out there.

February 11, 2013


So I just purchased these false eyelashes from eBay. I thought it would we fun to try out more looks with falsies. These were kind of natural but still visible, can't wait to try them out. Do you have any suggestions of a good eyelash glue?


Four month old pictures of my boyfriend.


I just purchased these two mascaras for a very good price. I've already tried the Maybelline mascara and I thought it was a good everyday mascara so I bought a new one since my old one has dried out. But the NYX mascara I can't wait to try out - I have heard good things about it. Oh, and I also bought a gel eyeliner for $1.16. I don't have high hopes for it because of the low price, but I'll have to try it first.

February 10, 2013


Lately I've become such an eBay geek. There are such variations of clothes and other things that I could spend hours searching for different items. So when I have a look through eBay I save things I like in my wishlist, and I thought I would share some of them with you - links and everything. Just click on the name of the item.

I love aztec patterns and I saw on another website (not eBay) and fell in love. It looks super cozy and I'm really thinking of ordering one.

 These come in really cute colors and I would wanna by every single one of them. But then I don't wear skirts THAT often. Imagine them with a top tucked in a bit. Super cute.

I really like the grey one. I think it's great with the string in the middle which I think will give a really good look and enhance curves.

Oh, gorgeous rings. I wanted a ring like this i like forever - I love the details of it and of course the price. Gold or silver though?

I just laid my eyes on these and saw the potential they have, before I think I've just scrolled past them. But they are really cool and I think you could make some great outfits with these. And they look nice and comfy too. 

These great bags/clutches come a wide variation of colors and also with a shoulder strap - yay. I like being able to put my bag in le shoulders in some way. It's a god price for these lovely clutches.

Well that is it for now - I hope you enjoyed it. I've got much more up my sleeve so let me know if you want me to do a second post about eBay bargains. There are oh so many bargains. Maybe you guys have any great eBay finds you'd want to share? I would love to hear about them.

February 5, 2013


Heart beats / When your heart in winter beats / Don't let that cold blood freeze / Cause frozen love will bleed / Blood streaked / Streaked with frozen leaves / Leaves broken streets for me / Slips on cold red streets / Winter beats / It strikes for you and me / Don't let that cold blood freeze / Cause frozen love still bleeds