November 30, 2012


This friday night was spent in the city of Malmo with my boyfriend and my sister. The thought was that we were going to attend an event at G-Star but when they let us know there was no boys allowed we could simply not leave my lovely boyfriend. My sister and I were invited while buying makeup a few days earlier, and they probably didn't bother telling us that this was an "only girls" event. Why should they have? It was just me and my sister. But silly me wanted Isak to come with us, oh what a shame. We ended up eating a Pizza Hut instead - can't complain about that.

While walking up a street it was snowing and it looked all pretty, so we stopped to take a few pictures. Emelie tried taking a photo of me and Isak with the lights in the background.. After ten unsharp pictures and two sharp ones, we gave up.

November 26, 2012


Today I returned to school after a two week break - unfortunately I could hardly sleep last night and today I felt really tired of course. My head was all heavy and all I wanted to do was sleep. After school I went through some stores alone until I met up with my sister who came straight from school. Together we went through a bunch of stores before she had to take the bus back to her apartment to do laundry and I had to take the bus home. Whilst home I made a large cup of tea and ate a little bit of apple pie with cinnamon. My cute cat was of course my company of the evening, as many other nights.


I've finally bought a new foundation - haven't worn foundation in forever. I don't really know why I stopped.. I'm the colour porcelain.


The majority of this weekend was spent with this guy. Just the way I like my weekends. It's a shame I can't stop thinking about all the things that cuts my heart after he leaves. Things he's said, done, thinks he thought of. Not about me, but someone else. I really don't wanna think about it. I believe Melissa Horn has got a suitable song for the way I'm feeling.

One positive things at least - I played through Halo 4 finally. Took a few days.

November 23, 2012


I was feeling all christmasy so I baked a soft gingerbread cake. It was so yummy!

November 20, 2012


I made a sweetcorn some tonight. Tasted quite good actually!

November 19, 2012


My sister made this bouquet while she was working at Bering House of Flowers in Copenhagen for 3 weeks. It's beautiful I think. They deliver flowers to the royal house at parties and such, which I think is kind of cool.

November 16, 2012


My lovely lovely sweater which I bought from the thrift store Beyond Retro in Stockholm this weekend.

November 11, 2012


As a fathers day present we all went to see the exhibition Tutankhamun where they had made exact replicas of things found in his grave. It was fun to see exactly how they found the grave and all the items that were found.